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Many aspiring speakers struggle to captivate audiences, deliver impactful messages, and turn their passion into a sustainable career. 

Engaging, impactful speaking is both an art and a science. The traditional methods of public speaking teaching aren't effective for today's distracted audience.

Learning how to be an engaging speaker can be the key to unlocking the level of impact (and revenue) you're looking for. 

What's needed is a new approach, a field-tested framework that delivers results, plus lots of feedback and support. 


You Have a Message That People Need to Hear

Learn the framework and use it to:
  • Relate to your audience's deepest pain points and desires.
  • Deliver content that moves people to action.
  • Share your personal stories in authentic, impactful, and memorable ways.
  • Build the infrastructure to establish your credibility that will set you up for a legit, sustainable business.
  • Change¬†lives with your message.

The Message Shop

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Are You Ready to Develop Your Life-Changing Message and Build Sustainable Income?

Step-by-Step Process:
Choose your program: 30-day self-guide course or 3-month coaching program.

  • Engage in personalized coaching and interactive sessions.
  • Apply practical strategies to improve your speaking skills.
  • Launch or elevate your career as a public speaker.

The culmination of this journey is not just an improvement in speaking abilities but a transformation into a confident, compelling public speaker ready to launch or elevate their career.

The Message Shop doesn't just teach speaking; it empowers voices to resonate, inspire, and lead.

What's Inside...A Sneak Peek

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Owning Your Transformation Story


Before you attempt to impact someone else's life, you have to understand the journey you've been on‚ÄĒand be able to tell it compellingly. As the saying goes, you can only lead people where you've gone yourself. Perhaps said another way: you're best positioned to lead people to the places of transformation you've traveled to.¬†

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Understanding Your Audience

The best communicators make the audience feel like they've been reading their minds. This isn't a magic trick; there's actually a way to understand them on the deepest levels. In fact, the better you understand your audience, the better you can serve them. We'll teach you the Hero's Journey framework so you can be absolutely confident in the impact of your message. 


Story Library Catalog

Building Your Story Library


The most engaging, impactful communicators are the ones who tell the best stories‚ÄĒhands down. You have interesting stories, but you need to learn to document them and share them in the most effective way. We'll guide you to build your own personal story library‚ÄĒthe primary currency to your impact and success as a speaker.¬†

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Defining Your Main Thesis


An audience wants to know and feel that they're in good hands with you, that you're taking them somewhere they want and can trust. Ultimately, it's your responsibility to define the primary plot to the story you share. We'll help you learn from the best insights from psychology, neuroscience and storytelling so you can make the most impact. 


What you see above is from Part One: Crafting Your Message. You can go through that course on your own (we designed the modules to be engaging and interactive, and if you go through the steps, you WILL become an impactful communicator).

Or, you can join our Coaching Program, where one of our Message Shop coaches will guide you step-by-step through the content and provide feedback, support, and guidance every step of the way. 


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